Errol Tremolada Selected for North Bend City Council, Position No. 4

The North Bend City Council recently chose Errol Tremolada to join them as the new member for City Council Position No. 4. This decision was made on November 21, 2023, after a detailed selection process.

On November 14, during a special meeting, the Council conducted open interviews with five capable candidates. After these interviews, Errol Tremolada and Sam White were picked for a final interview round.

Mayor McFarland conducted the swearing-in ceremony for Mr. Tremolada and expressed his appreciation for all candidates. “I appreciate every person who put themself forward. [It was] a very difficult conversation, trying to land on the choice.” He highlighted the challenging decision-making process and pointed out the significant influence of the North Bend Citizens Academy program on both finalists. The Mayor urged people interested in the 2024 Citizens Academy to apply, emphasizing its role in educating citizens about local government.

Other Council members congratulated Mr. Tremolada and expressed gratitude to the other applicants: Sam White, Sheraz Malik, James McEachran, and Terry Pottmeyer. Councilmember and Mayor-Elect Miller welcomed Mr. Tremolada and encouraged Mr. White to consider joining a city commission as another way to contribute to the community.

Councilmember Tremolada is a father of three and is actively involved in local youth sports through the Snoqualmie Valley Little League Board and other volunteer roles. His professional background includes 18 years in commercial real estate. His journey to the Council began with his participation in the North Bend Citizens Academy in 2023, followed by his appointment as a Planning Commissioner and his candidacy for Council Position No. 1 in the 2023 General Election.

When asked ho he feels and what he wishes to accomplish during his term, Tremolada said, “The transition from the General Election to the application for the vacant seat was challenging, but I received so many calls, emails, and messages of support from small business owners, neighbors, and friends to stay the course in the hopes of a positive result in the appointment. I could not have been as confident in the application process if it wasn’t for that support. I focused my campaign on supporting our small businesses and creating a positive environment for a thriving local economy. No matter where your passion lies for the future of North Bend, none of it can be accomplished if we don’t have a strong local economy. I plan to keep this at the Council’s forefront in the upcoming year.”

Mr. Tremolada will hold his Council position until the 2025 General Election results are finalized in November 2025. For those interested in viewing the November 21 City Council meeting, it will be available on the North Bend website’s Media Center. Information about the Citizens Academy and upcoming application opportunities can also be found on the city’s website.

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