Emergency Officials Warn Public To Exercise Caution On Area Lakes and Rivers This Weekend

The first warm, summer-type stretch of weather for 2012 is predicted this weekend.  By Seattle-standards, it might even be considered hot.  Snoqualmie Valley will make it to 70 degrees today and then the upper 70’s and lower 80’s for the weekend and Monday.

Warm weather usually leads people to area lakes and rivers.  In response, emergencies officials are urging the public to exercise caution in and around lakes and rivers this weekend.  Officials warn that most area drownings happen in May and June when water temperatures are still very cold, which can get people into trouble very quickly.

Lake Washington is still only 52 degrees and local rivers, the Snoqualmie River included, are running high and fast after record mountain snowfall this winter.  Officials urge swimmers and boaters to exercise caution and use life vests.  In 2011, King County passed an ordinance requiring the use of a personal flotation device (PFD), a lifejacket, in King County rivers due to especially high, fast and cold river flows.

For a great Snoqualmie River Safety Video by Eastside Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief click here.  And don’t forget the sunscreen!   Washington skin is very fragile after a long, gray, wet winter.

Enjoy your sunny, warm weekend Snoqualmie Valley!

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