Embracing The Snow "Dorkiness" Of The Pacific Northwest

What is it about snow in Western Washington?  Other parts of the country love to make fun of us and our reaction to snow.  Let’s admit it.  We are kind of dorks when it comes to anticipating snow.  We aren’t the best at driving in it.  We say it’s frigid when it hits 30 degrees.  Yes, we know that’s considered warm winter temperatures for Minnesota.  Perhaps it’s just time embrace the snow “dorkiness.”   When your winter weather typically only produces rain and wind, it’s okay to be a geek for snow.

I think a good analogy for Western Washington and snow is a 4-year old and Christmas.  There’s a build up waiting for Santa.  You have to wait until Christmas morning to find out if he fulfilled your grandest wish.  You can hope all you want, but until the big day, you just never know.  Predicting snow storms around here is somewhat similar.   All the forecasting models can say that your snow wish is coming true, but just like Christmas, until the big day, you just never quite know.

Even the best weather forecasters, professors and weather models can change at the last minute.  Two days ago Snoqualmie Valley was supposed to see a record-like snow storm today.  Yes, it’s snowing.  Yes, it’s good schools are closed.  But record-like?  Not so much.  In fact, there’s a good chance yesterday’s snow might top today’s.  And  I don’t think yesterday’s snow was even predicted to amount to 8 inches.  Guess that’s what happens when you live in a micro-climate.

There’s a good deal of whining going on in Seattle about the “snowmaggedon” that didn’t happen.  It just so happens that storm stayed south.  Olympia and southwest Washington have piled up about 10 – 15 inches of snow since last night.  Seattle is still getting snow, though.  Maybe it’s all about the perspective.  Snow?  Yes.  It just didn’t amount to the 14 inches advertised on the front page of yesterday’s Seattle Times.  Whoops!

I shoveled snow yesterday.  My back is sore, but my driveway is clear.  Truth be told, I am okay not having to shovel 8 inches of snow again today.   The snow is falling.  My town looks beautiful. Our school district canceled classes last night allowing  everyone to sleep in.  My fridge is stocked.  I have 4-wheel drive and Snoqualmie snow plows are working overtime so I can still get to my favorite places.  Even the Y is open today if I somehow convince myself to exercise.  Wish you could hear my giggles regarding that crazy thought.

Now, if only my Directv dish would thaw out.  Happy Snow Day everyone!  Now watch, it will snow until tomorrow because I doubted Mother Nature.

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