Elk Hit Near Mount Si Freshman Campus, Popular Spot for Snoqualmie Valley Elk Herd

One thing that is a constant for drivers in the Snoqualmie Valley, is the possibility of wildlife sometimes crossing area roads.  Whether it’s deer, elk or bears, they’re here and use local roads, which can crate dangerous situations for drivers.

Elk are especially prevalent in the Meadowbrook Farm area adjacent to SR 202, between Snoqualmie and North Bend.  When the large herd is out, numerous cars slow toelkcrossingsign observe them – and often times the elk will cross busy the busy two-lane highway. Signs are posted warning drivers of this possibility, which happened yesterday.

Wednesday night, January 22, 2014, an elk was hit by a car near the Mount Si Freshman Campus located at 9200 Railroad Ave SE in Snoqualmie.  Snoqualmie Police responded to the scene around 7:30PM.

Luckily, it sounds like the car’s occupants came away uninjured. The elk, though, suffered severe injuries. Captain Nick Almquist said “other than the elk having to be put down, everything was okay” at the scene.

In November 2012, a similar accident occurred on Snoqualmie Parkway when a resident, with children in the vehicle, hit a large elk.  The car suffered a lot of front end damage from the collision with the large animal – and the elk also had to be put down.

Keep your eyes open, especially when driving.  The Snoqualmie Valley is bear, deer and elk country.


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