Updated Election Results: Snoqualmie Council Incumbents Hold Seats, Ross Winning over Shepard in Snoqualmie Mayor Race and Proposition 1 Passing

UPDATE | NOVEMBER 3rd 2021, 4:15 PM

With 361,615 ballots counted in the state, some races have been decided, and some are still ongoing.

Here are some November 2nd updated local race results:

City of Snoqualmie, Mayor: 

  • Katherine Ross-60.39%
  • Peggy Shepard-39.17%


City of Snoqualmie, Council Position No. 3

  • Brian Holloway-81.45%
  • Anna Sotelo-18.08%


City of Snoqualmie, Council Position No. 5

  • Matt Laase-57.41%
  • Tanya Lavoy-42%


City of Duvall, Council Position No. 1

  • John Isaacson-62.11%
  • William Chappell-37.22%


Si View Metropolitan Park District, Commissioner Position No. 4:

  • Bud Raisio-48.64%
  • Chris Fagan-51%


King County Fire Protection District No. 27, Commissioner Position No. 3 (Fall City):

  • Daniel E. Meredith-56.07%
  • Robert Angrisano-43.93%


Metropolitan King County, Council District No. 3:

  • Sarah Perry-55.28%
  • Kathy Lambert-44.41%


City of Snoqualmie Proposition No. 1 Sales and Use Tax for Transportation Improvements

The City Council of Snoqualmie, Washington adopted Ordinance 1251 imposing a sales and use tax for transportation improvement projects. This proposition would authorize a sales and use tax at the rate of 0.2% on retail sales within the City, for the longer of ten years or, if revenue is dedicated to repayment of indebtedness, the time necessary to repay such indebtedness, to pay for transportation improvements defined in RCW 36.73.015, including the Sidewalk Replacement Program and other projects in the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan or Non-Utility CIP, as set forth in Ordinance 1251.

  • Yes-55.53%
  • No-44.47%


North Bend Transportation Benefit District No. 1 Proposition No. 1 Renewal of Sales and Use Tax for Transportation Improvements

The North Bend City Council adopted Resolution No. 1982 concerning a proposition to finance transportation improvements. This proposition would authorize renewal and reimposition of a sales and use tax at a rate of two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) to be collected from all taxable sales and uses, for a period of 10 years, to fund projects identified in the City of North Bend’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), multi-modal connectivity projects, and other street, sidewalk, and trail repair and improvements. 

  • Yes-69.10%
  • No-30.90%

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