Early Primary Election Results: Issaquah Councilman, School Board member lead in 5th District races

While there weren’t any local city elected positions on this year’s August ballot, there were primary races for two 5th District legislative seats and the 8th District U.S Representative seat that represent the Snoqualmie Valley.

Both 5th District races were essentially meaningless, as only two candidates are running, but they were still required to be on the ballot.

Results as of August 8th, 4PM:

In Position #1, which Rep. Jay Rodne (R) is vacating, former 5th District Rep. Chad Magendanz(R) is trailing Issaquah City Councilman Bill Ramos(D) by approximately 7% – or 2,200 votes. Magendanz has 46.3% and Ramos 53.7% of the votes.

In Position #2, incumbent Paul Graves(R) is trailing Issaquah School Board member Lisa Callan(D) by about the same 7% margin – or roughly 2,200 votes. Graves has 45.6% and Callan 53% of the votes.

In the 8th District U.S. Representative race, a seat vacated by longtime Congressman Dave Reichert, former Washington State gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi (R) received the most votes at 42.7%. The race for the second ballot spot on the November election is too close to call, with Pediatrician Dr. Kim Schrier(D) getting 19.07% and Jason Rittereiser(D) 17.75% of the votes. Democrat Shannon Hader was a distant 4th at 12.78%. About 1,500 votes currently separate Schrier and Rittereiser.

It looks like King County Proposition No. 1, a renewal of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System Services Levy, will be approved. In early results, the levy was passing at 56%.

Turnout for the August primary was low, at only 28% as of August 8th, but that is expected to increase in the coming days.  More tallied ballots will be added to the results around 4PM each business day.

Election results will be certified on August 21, 2018.


Photo: King County Elections




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