Duvall Police Officer Shot, Pursuit of Armed Suspect Ends in Preston/Fall City Area

Police closed off Preston-Fall City Road near Preston for several hours overnight, September 16, 2014,  as authorities dealt with a standoff that started with a Duvall police officer shooting near Holy Innocents Catholic Church on Cherry Valley Road in Duvall.

According to TV news reports, a Duvall police officer responded to the church for a report of paintball-shooting on the property around 11PM. After a confrontation with the 47-year old male accused of shooting the paintballs, a real gunfire exchange occurred, with the suspect shooting the officer in the leg.

The wounded officer proceeded to chase the suspect who had fled in his car. Fellow officers took over the  pursuit, which went from Duvall to Fall City on SR 203. The King County Sheriff’s Office said during the pursuit one of its vehicles was shot at by the suspect, the bullet entering through the back window and out the front windshield.

The suspect’s vehicle was disabled by tire strips near the bridge over the Snoqualmie River in Fall City. The armed suspect then fled and began a standoff with multiple police agencies, including the King County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, near Preston until he was taken into custody around 2:30AM.

According to KIRO News, the officer is in stable condition and is an 11-year veteran.  Preston-Fall City Road was re-opened early Tuesday morning.

KC Sheriff's Office vehicle window shot out during early morning pursuit in the Snoqualmie Valley
KC Sheriff’s Office vehicle window shot out during early morning pursuit in the Snoqualmie Valley. Photo: KCSO Twitter feed.


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