Divers Find North Bend Man Dead in Bellevue’s Mercer Slough

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, Bellevue Police found the body of a 54-year old North Bend in the Mercer Slough, off the Sweyolocken Boat NorthBendManLaunch in the 3000 block of Bellevue Way SE, according to the The Seattle PI.

The Mercer Slough is part of a large, natural park area between Bellevue Way, I-90 and I-405

It appears Bellevue Police and Fire responded to a call around 9AM reporting a vehicle submerged in the slough.  Search and rescue divers found the truck empty, but upon further search of the water found the deceased man.

According to the story, the North Bend man had not arrived for work Thursday morning, and had not been responding to texts from his wife.

To read more about this story visit the Seattle PI.

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