Discover the Charm of The Cinnamon Bear

Enjoy the classic holiday radio show The Cinnamon Bear from the comfort of your car.

You may be rushing around this holiday season, but drive within two blocks of the North Bend Theatre, tune your radio to 89.1 FM and prepare to be charmed by the adventures of Judy and Jimmy as they search for the Silver Star for their family’s Christmas tree.

Originally broadcast in 1937, The Cinnamon Bear has been entertaining children and adults for 85 years. Imaginations are aglow as we follow Judy and Jimmy to the enchanted world of Maybe Land, looking to recover their missing Silver Star.

Our guide is Paddy O’Cinnamon, a stuffed teddy bear who helps us as we travel past mud-slinging Muddlers, the Candy Pirates, Fee Fo the Giant and finally, Santa Claus himself.

Beginning on Tuesday, November 29th and continuing through Saturday, December 24th, the North Bend Theatre will broadcast one episode every 24 hours on a hyperlocal transmitter set to 89.1 FM, which is audible within a two-block radius of the theatre located at 125 North Bend Way.

Not to worry if you miss an episode. Each episode will be available the next day on the theatre’s website at

Parking is plentiful around the theatre, or catch the broadcast while you wait for the traffic light to change.

Of course, we are firm believers that most everything is better with fresh buttered popcorn, so feel welcome to come on in and get some when we are open.

Most of all, we hope you will take this opportunity to slow down and enjoy a whimsical holiday trip to Maybe Land with us.

About the North Bend Theatre

Since April 1941, this classic Art Moderne gem of a small hometown movie theatre has been entertaining everyone in the Snoqualmie Valley by offering first-run movies, classic films, on-screen curated movie trivia, film festivals, and live stand-up comedy. Learn more about this historic treasure of beautiful downtown North Bend at

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