Disabled military vehicle partially closes I-90 on-ramp at SR 18 interchange, causing long delays Monday evening

A disabled military vehicle on the on-ramp to eastbound I-90 from eastbound SR 18 has caused some serious traffic headaches for Eastside commuters Monday afternoon, March 25th.

The large disabled tank is part of a convoy, so multiple military vehicles also stopped on the side of the on-ramp to help. The vehicle became stuck around 3PM and forced a closure of the ramp.

By 4:45PM WSDOT reported they had ‘sort of’ reopened the ramp, saying “the direct ramp from SR 18 is still closed but vehicles can turn right at the intersection just past it and join EB I-90 that way.”

The back up on eastbound SR 18 stretched all the way to the Tiger Mountain Summit as of 5PM. It was also causing backups on both direction of I-90 on the approaches to the busy interchange, as well as Snoqualmie Parkway.

WSDOT warned drivers to expect long delays through the end of Monday’s commute.

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