Crush Update…

The U11 Crush team played their first Tournament at Mt. Si game tonight.  It was a great game against Stod Eagles of Bellevue.  Crush lost 3-1 in a great pitcher’s duel.  How do I know this?  Because the tournament made it so easy for me to watch the game.  The team played right up the street at Swenson Park in Deer Park on Snoqualmie Ridge.  We walked up, sat in the sun and cheered on the boys.  In addition to games at Tibbetts in Issaquah and Centennial in downtown Snoqualmie, Swenson Park (Snoqualmie Ridge) will also host games all weekend.

U11 Crush plays tomorrow, 8/7/10, at 10AM and 4PM.  U10 Crush plays at Tibbetts tomorrow at 10AM, 12PM and 6PM…. Yup, I will definitely need a glass of wine come 9PM tomorrow night!

Go Crush!!!

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