Creepy Clown anxiety hits the Snoqualmie Valley, but district, police say no sightings, threats reported

It’s probably safe to say that clown costumes will be the least favorite Halloween attire this October – as least far as local law enforcement is concerned.

According to news reports, the creepy clown sightings originated in the south where in August police officers investigated reports of men dressed as clowns trying to lure kids into the woods. Those reports, though, turned out to be bogus. Since then reports have been happening all across the country, with social media often fueling the Halloween season phenomenon.

As hysteria over creepy looking clowns grew this week in Western Washington, some Snoqualmie Valley kids are also feeling anxious.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 it was reported on the Snoqualmie Ridge Facebook group that a middle school student had seen a clown – described as “wearing a blue jogging suit, blue hair and clown paint on his/her face” – while waiting for a school bus in the dark at 6:45AM.  Two days later a photo was shared of a police officer checking the woods near Snoqualmie Parkway, possibly responding to a clown sighting.

But, according to the Snoqualmie Police Department, they have not had any reported ‘clown sightings’ within their jurisdiction.

SPD Captain Nick Almquist said the incident in the woods on Thursday, October 6th was in response to a shoplifter who fled into the woods and was caught. As for a report that a clown mask was found next to the alleged shoplifter, Captain Almquist said that information is “100% false.”

The Snoqualmie Valley School District also reports it has had no clown sightings nor online threats associated with clowns. Since issues have occurred in other area districts, it has reached out to all schools regarding the issue in order to monitor the situation.

Almquist said community members should call 911 if they see something suspicious –  or see a clown. The school district also encourages parents to talk to students and let them know if anything ever makes them feel unsafe, to report it to a responsible adult.

SVSD Public Information Officer Carolyn Malcolm said via email, “Our schools take threats of any kind very seriously – whether in social media, at school or in the community – and we encourage students and parents to report any situation in which they feel threatened or unsafe.”


Snoqualmie Police Officer searching for shoplifter in woods on Snoqualmie Ridge, 10/4/16.
Snoqualmie Police Officer searching for shoplifter in woods on Snoqualmie Ridge, 10/4/16.


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