Coyote Reports Increase on Snoqualmie Ridge; city asks residents to call 911 to report

Via press release the City of Snoqualmie reported that on November 30th at 6PM the Snoqualmie Police Department responded to a report of an aggressive coyote in the 35000 block of SE Swenson Street in the Deer Park neighborhood.

According SPD, a mother was walking with her young daughter and a coyote was nearby. The animal took an aggressive stance and growled.

SPD stated there was no physical contact by the animal and mother and daughter left the area without further incident.

There have been several reports of coyote presence on Snoqualmie Ridge in recent weeks. The Snoqualmie Police Department said it works closely with the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife for public safety management.

The City of Snoqualmie offered the following advice:

Call 911 to Report Bear or Coyote Sightings

Although we are in wildlife habitat, if you see a coyote or bear– even if it’s non-threatening – please call 911 to be put through to a Snoqualmie Police Officer. The Snoqualmie Police Department and the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife track activity for public safety.

Manage Your Garbage

To help avoid bears and coyotes from visiting neighborhoods, please take extra care to manage your garbage to ensure that all food sources are not accessible.

If you’re leaving several days before pickup, have a neighbor take your garbage to the curb or haul your garbage to the Cedar Falls Transfer Station. Keep garbage cans with tight-fitting lids in a shed, garage, or fenced area. Spray garbage cans and dumpsters regularly with disinfectants to reduce odors. Keep fish and meat waste in your freezer until they can be disposed of properly.

Anyone wanting more information about this incident or wildlife in our neighborhoods, can call Police Captain Nick Almquist at 425-999-1522.


Coyote spotted near Jeanne Hansen Park on Snoqualmie Ridge this fall. Photo: Facebook

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