Construction work for new North Bend home development starts soon

Via press release last week the City of North Bend announced that construction will begin in the next few weeks for Polygon Home’s new Maloney Grove 13 subdivision – named MG13 – which consists of infrastructure construction for 13 home lots.

Per the release, in 2014 homes located “within a certain distance from MG13” were mailed a notice of subdivision application. Another required notification was published in the Snoqualmie Valley Record and associated signs were also posted near the development’s site. 

Polygon Homes expects to complete infrastructure construction and record the final plat (subdivision) by summer 2018.  Home building is anticipated to begin in summer-fall 2018. In addition, the extension to SE Symmons Place is anticipated to be constructed and opened once all site work is nearing completion.

According to the city, MG13 development will have three construction phases. Phase 1 involves technical analysis, environmental evaluations, preliminary engineering, public notification and comment period, preliminary plat approval, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determination, permitting, and final engineering approval.  Phase 2 involves clearing/grading, infrastructure (sewer, water, storm drainage, dry utilities, roads) construction, and final plat approval.  Phase 3 involves the actual homes construction.  During these phases, the City of North Bend provides technical reviews, coordination, permitting, inspections, etc.

The city explained since construction activities will include a substantial amount of construction machinery, construction noise and employee vehicles, the following safety measures will be provided:

  • The City has designated a “Haul Route” for construction machinery and worker vehicles for access.  The approved access is from Exit 32 I-90 traveling along 436th Avenue and onto SE Cedar Falls Way. From Cedar Falls Way, construction traffic will travel south down Maloney Grove Ave SE approximately two hundred feet to the projects construction entrance.  The return haul route will be the same. The City will not allow construction access on other roads.  Prior to construction, Maloney Grove Avenue’s pavement condition will be evaluated.  Following construction, the pavement condition will be re-evaluated to determine if construction traffic damaged the pavement.  If so, then the pavement will be upgraded to equivalent or better condition.
  • Full road closure is not anticipated with this project. Partial lane closures may occur during construction hours.
  • The City will employ inspectors on Maloney Grove Ave SE to ensure traffic control measures are being followed and public safety is not being compromised.
  • The Grading Permit will state that contractors shall honor allowed work hours, ensure safe street access for the public, and provide general cleanup of the right-of-way each day. Chapter 8.26 of North Bend Municipal Code does not allow construction noise from 8:30PM to 7PM on weekdays and 6PM to 9AM on Saturdays.  No construction noise is allowed on Sundays or holidays including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, regardless of the day of week.  To report a work hours violation, please call the City’s code enforcement number at 425-888-7645. Messages may not be received until next business day.

The City of North Bend said it recognizes that construction in this road corridor could be a significant inconvenience for those living in the area, but said it will continue to make public safety their number one priority. 

Residents with questions are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department at 425-888-0486 or email Carrie Smith at, or Brian Tucker at


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