Community Volunteers get Nursery at Mount Si Ready for Spring, Help Recovering Owner

nelsandwifeCommunity is a big part of the Snoqualmie Valley.  Nels Melgaard and the Nursery at Mount Si have played a big role in that community.  So when Nels needed some help getting the nursery ready for spring, his community showed up – in droves.

Nels is battling cancer. Recovering from surgery and chemo have put quite a kink in his normal business routine for this time of year, but his friends stepped in this weekend to lend a helping hand.

Throughout the day Saturday, February 9th, about 100 people of all ages (1 to 70 years young) showed up at the nursery ready to work.  They weeded out nursery beds, unpacked merchandise, pruned trees and shrubs, planted seeds, potted plants – name a type of yard work, and it was done.  All of the community effort was to help a man, who over the years, has been an example of the community giving spirit.

Katy Moon said, “This is what Snoqualmie Valley is all about. Nels Melgaard, giving others an opportunity to give is another gift you give to us all. What a beautiful site of love and labor.”

The giving spirit was not just limited to those able to put on garden gloves and get a little dirty. Frankie’s donated pizza.  The nursery provided grilled hot dogs and community activist, Bev Jorgensen, even whipped a batch of her homemade chili – and hot coffee and cocoa were plentiful.

There is another work party scheduled this weekend for those wanting to help.  Grab your gloves and head to the nursery on Saturday, February 16, 2013.  For more details visit the Nursery at Mount Si Facebook page.

Volunteers of all ages showed up to help the Melgaard family
Volunteers at Saturday’s work party
Bev Jorgensen supplied chili for hungry volunteers


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