Collision Sends Car into Light Pole at Busy Snoqualmie Intersection

According to City of Snoqualmie spokesperson, Joan Pliego, the accident at Snoqualmie Parkway and Center Blvd scene looked scary, or “worse than it was,” but the both drivers were okay.

Around 7:30AM, February 26, 2015, a blue passenger vehicle was traveling on Snoqualmie Parkway toward Railroad Ave when it ran a red light and was struck by a mid-sized truck turning left into the Snoqualmie Business Park on Center Blvd.

Pliego explained the truck turned legally on the green light and ‘t-bonded’ the car, pushing it into the light pole at the intersection. The car ended up wedged between the pole and the truck.

Snoqualmie Police and Fire responded to the scene, where the jaws of life were needed to remove the vehicle’s drivers side doors and access the adult female driver who was complaining of neck pain.

According to a city press release, the adult female driver of the car was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries. The adult male driver of the truck had no injuries.

Snoqualmie Police remained at the scene performing an accident investigation.

Accident scene at Snoqualmie Pkwy and Center Blvd, 2/26/15
Accident scene at Snoqualmie Pkwy and Center Blvd, 2/26/15
accident 3
Snoqualmie Police officer at accident scene on 2/26/15, Center Blvd & Snoqualmie Parkway


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