Colder Air (and Snow??) Imminent!

Update: the snow potential looks good until 9-10p, after which we begin to run more of a battle between fluctuating fringe temperatures and declining precipitation rates.However, wet snow is sticking to roadways in many areas down to ~500ft.

We are upwardly revising our chances to see 1-3” at all foothills elevations (at or above ~500ft) better than a coin flip. I think hilltops of Eagle pt and Wilderness Rim are already seeing 1”+ and could exceed the range. Let it Snow! ❄️

750 feet elevation Photo credit Ryan Porter



After a record setting 61° for winter solstice, we’re watching the stark rain-snow line make it’s way southeast this afternoon into evening.  

A dramatic temperature drop is imminent!

This is a tricky one indeed…

While earlier model runs had pointed to sparse remaining moisture tonight, there’s now better model consensus that shower activity should hang around long enough to possibly see some wet flakes tonight as precipitation mixes with this incoming cooler air.  We’re not talking a freeze or icy conditions, but we can’t rule out some wet snow accumulations.

So here’s the no guts no glory snow forecast-

(dividing this into hilltops of Eagle Pt, Wilderness Rim ~1000 ft, and lower elevations of Snoqualmie/North Bend ~500 ft

Best window for snow 6pm-midnight 

@ 1000ft 

-visible snowflakes, odds 60%

-dusting, odds 50%

-1-3”, odds 35% (rooftops and lawns)

@ 500 ft

-visible snowflakes, odds 50%

-dusting, odds 40%

-1-3”, odds 20% (rooftops and lawns)

Lastly, roads are very warm, especially after today’s record setting Highs.  I would be surprised to see any problems with major roadways or side streets.


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