Coffee stand, car wash demolished as Huxdotter Coffee prepares for expansion into new, larger space with cafe

Huxdotter Coffee has operated out of the same small drive-thru building at the corner of Park Street and Main Street in downtown North Bend for nearly three decades, but earlier this year announced that things would be changing for the popular coffee stand, as a new building was in their future.

They had hoped to stay open in a temporary space during construction, but announced in October that wasn’t going to be possible as the old car wash next door and their current building get demolished and construction commences on their new, much larger home.

Huxdotter stated in a Facebook post, “For those of you that have not heard, we have been planning our dream store for well over a year now. With a drive-thru capable of holding 18+ cars, a faster queue, and 50 seats inside the cafe, it will surely be an upgrade from our current 200 sq. ft building that’s been holding us back in terms of efficiency and capacity, especially during the busy morning commute hours. Not only will you be able to enjoy an amazing coffee experience, but we will also offer a big selection of beer on tap, local wines, and an extended food menu, all made here in-store.”

On Monday, December 17th, demolition began and just like that the old stand was no more. The old car wash is expected to be demolished today…. and then construction begins.

According to a press release, the new 3,585 square foot building was designed by BCRA architects out of Seattle and will be compatible with other Northwest Modern buildings already in the neighborhood, as well as those planned for future construction in the North Bend area.

Huxdotter Coffee will occupy most of the building with a brand-new café and drive-thru, leaving another 1770 square feet to house one or two additional tenants. [For leasing information contact JSH Properties at 206-303-7327.]

Huxdotter said it is excited to expand from their existing, single drive-thru location into this brand new cafe & drive-thru space that they’ve been planning for almost two years.

The cafe space is being designed by Bargreen Ellingson, led by designer Kira Schmeling. It will be a Pacific Northwest styled space, preserving both the history of the Snoqualmie Valley’s past and cater to its growing population of outdoor enthusiasts. Artwork will be inspired by former Snoqualmie Valley industries and attractions, including the logging, the Weyerhauser mill, Snoqualmie Pass, Snoqualmie Falls, hop farming, historic downtown and the railroad.

Huxdotter commented, “We are also excited to showcase pieces demonstrating the origins and practices of the green coffee used in our roasting process.”

The cafe interior will offer over fifty seats – ranging from couches to barstool window seats – all with views of Mount Si. A large outdoor patio will allow customers to enjoy coffee, tea, beer or wine outside during the summer months. An improved drive-thru window will also allow for a much longer queue of cars off the public street, pre-ordering and faster service times.

Huxdotter said they will feature local beers on tap, wine, kombucha, hard cider, nitro cold brew and other specialty beverages as well as upgrading the current menu. An expanded food menu will feature house-made breakfast items, pastries and baked goods, lunch sandwiches, soups, and small plates to compliment beer and wine in the evenings.

“Our goal is to source everything as local as possible including our meats, cheeses, breads and produce. In our downtime we have been hard at work developing partnerships with other local businesses to bring everything our local community has to offer together under one roof,” explained Huxdotter.

During construction, the coffee house will continue planning out the new store and building and expanding the food and coffee menus.

Huxdotter is also working on a new project called “Huxdotter Coffee Roasting,” a collaboration with Tiger & Stripe Coffee Company, their former coffee roasters. In addition to their flagship blend “Old School Espresso” and current coffee options, Huxdotter said they’ve been working on tailoring some new blends and single-origin coffees that they are excited to share with customers.

The company says it has put extra effort to source green coffee beans from all organic and fair-trade certified farms from around the world. Their future goal is to create a sit-down cafe where customers can watch the coffee roasted and learn about the process from farm to cup.

In addition to returning staff, Huxdotter will be hiring for all positions, including an assistant manager, lead baristas, entry-level baristas, kitchen staff, and part-time baking positions. Those interested in applying can visit for more information.

Although Huxdotter doesn’t have a specific grand opening date yet, they are hoping to do a soft opening for the drive-thru in late Spring, followed by the opening of the cafe shortly after.

The Huxdotter team said they appreciate the continued community support throughout the construction process and look forward to sharing the new space with both current and new customers – “and bringing the community together one coffee at a time.”

See conceptual images of new Huxdotter Coffee space and site map below.





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