Cody Botten – A Young Life Cut Short

There is not much to say.  It is with an ache in my heart and a lump in my throat that I am making a post I dread.  Cody Botten passed away today.  Please keep the family in your hearts and thoughts.  Please comfort his friends and classmates from Mt. Si High School.  Most of all, please hug and comfort your kids….

I do not personally know the Botten family.  I know my daughter cared deeply for their son and brother.  I know she is crushed as are many others.   I know from my daughter that Cody Botten was a special, outgoing, athletic young man.  He was just sadder than anyone knew.

To Anthony…. you are a rock!  Many rocks have cracks – it’s what tells their stories.    Please give the family my deepest condolences.  My mom heart just aches for them….. and you and anyone hurting tonight.

To MSHS… stay strong and always try to remember your good friend with a smile on your face.

If anyone would like to share their personal stories, please send me a comment.  I will get them posted.

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