Clinton vs. Trump is all the news, but how about state elections? Candidates are coming to the Valley

November’s election – it’s all you’ve heard about on TV for months, right? Getting a little tired of it?  Well, there are other candidates on the ballot, not just Trump and Clinton.  In Washington State, our 5th district legislators– all 3 of them – are up for election this fall and so is the governor.

And, these state level elections are unusually important this November.  Big decisions are coming.   The upcoming 2017 legislative session is supposed to determine, once and for all, how the state will fund education and whether your taxes will see an impact.

Other big topics like HOV lanes, economic development, and transportation will no doubt continue to be hammered out.  The results could also determine which party will be the majority in the State Senate, House and the Executive branch.

The candidates are coming to Snoqualmie Valley so that you can meet them and hear from them on a variety of issues.  The Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting two moderated forums this month with the candidates, both at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge.  One is in the evening and one is at lunch – and the candidates are different at each forum.

Are you interested in the timing of the Highway 18/Interstate 90 interchange improvements, for example?  Tax increases?  Teacher compensation?  If you operate a small business or large, are you interested in business tax reform, minimum wage, and/or predictive scheduling?  Toll lanes on freeways and bridges?  Affordable housing?  Come hear the candidates themselves; be informed before you mark your ballot.

Registration is required in advance for purposes of planning attendance.  Here are the links:

Wednesday, September 21, 5:30pm to 8:00pm, TPC Snoqualmie Ridge

Candidates:  Senate – Chad Magendanz and Mark Mullet, House – Darcy Burner and Paul Graves

Cost:  $15 (light cheese and crackers, no host bar)

Wednesday, September 28, 11:30am to 2:00pm, TPC Snoqualmie Ridge

Candidates:  House – Jason Ritchie and Jay Rodne, Governor – Bill Bryant (Jay Inslee unable to attend)

Cost: $30 for Chamber members, $35 for non-members (luncheon)


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