City: Weather delays North Bend Park Street Roundabout project

Rain this fall appears to have delayed North Bend’s Park Street Roundabout project.

Interim City Administrator Mark Rigos said a very wet September and October has slowed roundabout construction by one to two weeks. The roundabout was originally expected to be mostly finished by the end of October.

Rigos said, “We are in Phase 4 of a 5 phase project for the roundabout.  Almost all of the wet utilities have been installed and are operational.  Major changes are about to occur in front of the older 2-story building across from R&R [rentals].”

The city hopes to have most of its newest roundabout constructed by mid to late November, except for power poles and overhead lines which may not be undergrounded until early 2020. 

Rigos said crews may need to perform the final pavement lift in early 2020 unless temps in late November are above 40 degrees.

He commented, “It’s a large and very impactful project for a small city.  We are doing the best we can to improve the City’s infrastructure.”

The project is expected to improve traffic in this area of downtown North Bend – especially getting out of the QFC parking lot during peak traffic hours, something residents say can be nearly impossible depending on the time of the day.

Businesses in the construction zone remain open. The city is encouraging residents and visitors to support downtown businesses during construction. Drivers are asked to be courteous and patient of those attempting to pull into and out of business driveways. QFC plaza shoppers are also encouraged to use store the entrance off of Downing Avenue.

Park Street Roundabout construction zone on North Bend Way

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