City prepares for storm, urges residents to do same; PSE plays catches up before stronger storm hits

Via press release the City of Snoqualmie is urging residents to prepare for an incoming storm that has the potential for strongpse-crews winds, heavy rain and possible power outages over the weekend. [See earlier story on Saturday’s storm HERE.]

Meanwhile Puget Sound Energy said it is still working to restore power to thousands of customers after Friday’s crazy weather.

The strongest winds (i.e. peak wind gusts) are forecast to hit the Snoqualmie Valley between 6PM-10PM. According to Komo News Weather, “The start of the wind surge will not give much warning. Winds will go from breezy to severe in a very short period of time.”

The City of Snoqualmie said it is making preparations to respond to storm. In the case of a police, fire, or medical emergency, please call 911. Below are some preparations recommended by city officials.

Snoqualmie Emergency Alerts and Communications

To keep Snoqualmie residents and business owners informed about significant events and emergency situations, Snoqualmie has joined the ALERT King County emergency notification system. This enhanced service will notify subscribers about potential emergencies specific to Snoqualmie via text, email, and telephone.  Note:  If you have already registered your contact information on the City of Snoqualmie’s emergency notification system, there is no need to register again.

Please Clear Storm Drains of Leaves and Debris

Please take the time today to rake any leaves or debris out of the storm drains near your home or business. The combination of rainfall and wind increases the possibility of clogged storm drains and street flooding. Grass clippings, leaves, branches, and trash can accumulate and plug storm drains and channels, which contributes to pooling and driving hazards.

Gather and Store Emergency Supplies

Please be prepared for power outages with supplies to last at least 72 hours. Have an ice chest available to store needed medications or special foods that must remain cold. Have “blue Ice” freezer packs ready for the ice chest to keep your medication cold. Don’t forget batteries, baby formula, and pet supplies.

PSE Alert/Update

PSE said crews made significant progress restoring power to customers impacted by damaging winds that hit their service area Friday, October 14, 2016. Crews will keep working as long as conditions are safe. For the latest on outages, check the PSE Outage Map or download the myPSE app.

PSE says it is watching the weather closely and making preparations for an even bigger wind storm on Saturday, October 15th. They urge customers to do consider preparing as well, including:

  • Download the MyPSE app to report outages
  • Make sure to have emergency supplies on hand at home and even in your vehicle, such as extra batteries, flashlights and food
  • Have a battery-powered radio ready to go
  • Charge cell phones and mobile devices in case the power goes out
  • Street lights and traffic signals might go out; please drive carefully and treat dark intersections like four-way stops

IMPORTANT: Use Generators Safely; Be Aware of Carbon Monoxide Dangers

If you own a standby or portable generator, be sure you know how to operate it safely. Improper use may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution or fire. More information about generator use and safety is on the PSE website. If you have generator safety questions, call PSE at 1-888-225-5773. If you suspect carbon monoxide exposure, call 911 immediately.

Additional Emergency Links/Numbers

City of Snoqualmie Communications
Emergency Alerts

Regional Resources
Puget Sound Energy or 1-888-225-5773
PSE Outage Map or 1-888-225-5773
King County Metro Transit Alerts or 206-553-3000
King County River Flooding Information or 206-477-4899
Comcast Storm Preparations
National Weather Service Info for Snoqualmie
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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