Record snowfall leaves many Valley roads impassable, closes Snoqualmie Pass Tuesday; SVSD schools closed again Wednesday

UPDATE |FEBRUARY 12th, 2PM: SVSD announced that all schools are closed on Wednesday, 2/13/19. Both North Bend and Snoqualmie declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, allowing for additional resources to help respond to severe weather.

UPDATE | FEBRUARY 12th, 12PM: North Bend Acting City Manager Mark Rigos released a snow up saying: “Mother Nature pounded the City with new snow last night between 15-24 inches, making many City streets impassable this morning. The Public Works maintenance crew worked all night last night to clear off as many streets as possible.”

Rigos said Priority 1 [Plow] Routes were still being plowed in late morning hours, but only some roads were reasonably passable. Priority 2 and 3 Routes were not plowed last night and could be buried in snow.  In addition to the new snow, tall snow drifts formed from Monday night’s winds. See Snow Plow routes HERE.

In addition to the North Bend’s 2 1/2 snowplows, it is also using 3 to 4 backhoes to push snow off of Priority 1 routes.  Additional snowplows are on the way from Recology to help bolster the City’s snow removal efforts.

The City of Snoqualmie opened itsEmergency Operations Center due to major snowfall. It said although Snoqualmie Parkway and sections of State Route 202 are clear, all arterial streets and side roads are inaccessible. Public Works crews are continuing to plow around-the-clock.

UPDATE |  FEBRUARY 12th, 9:50AM: WSDOT announced that I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass will remain closed today “due to severe weather conditions, poor visibility and high avalanche danger. Updates will be provided as conditions change.” The pass has reportedly received 53″ of snow in 48 hours. There were also numerous accidents reported between Fall City and Snoqualmie Falls requiring WSDOT to close the roadway to clear vehicles.

ORIGINAL STORY: Early morning, February 12, 2019, the City of Snoqualmie was urging residents to stay home, saying record-breaking snow had made roads impassable.

From the Snoqualmie’s announcement: “The streets in Snoqualmie are impassable due to snow. City snow plows are not able to get through most streets. State Route 202 is open. One lane of Snoqualmie Parkway is open. Arterials and side streets cannot be reached by plows at this time. The City of Snoqualmie is calling on neighboring cities for assistance. For immediate medical assistance, call 9-1-1. Do not attempt to drive. Call your doctor or nurse line for non-emergencies.”

The Snoqualmie Valley received approximately 6 inches of snow Sunday night, followed by another, more potent storm Monday afternoon that did not transition to rain as it did in other Puget Sound areas, with snow continuing all night. Residents were waking to snow drifts Tuesday morning – courtesy of strong east winds. Combined with snow still on the ground from last week’s snow, it is possible some places now have two plus feet of snow.

Robert Nelson of Snoqualmie Valley Weather said it’s really hard to tell how much snow fell overnight Monday, but he estimates 10-18 inches is possible around the Valley. This is in addition to Monday afternoon snow.

The Snoqualmie Police Department reported roads were really bad and also urged residents to stay home. They responded to 25 calls overnight, working along side Washington State Patrol Troopers and the King County Sheriff’s Deputies – whom SPD said they helped rescue twice. They added there are abandoned cars around North Bend and Snoqualmie.

Eastside Fire & Rescue North Bend station 87 also asked folks to stay home today, warning there were also numerous downed trees in the area. At 11:45AM, WSDOT said they would be closing SR 202 between Fall City and Snoqualmie Falls to clear multiple collisions from the roadway.

View from North Bend EF&R Station 87

The National Weather Service has a winter weather advisory issued for the east Puget Sound lowlands above 500 feet for an additional 1-3 inches of snow through 12PM. For Snoqualmie Ridge, NWS says an additional 4 inches are possible, along with more overnight. High temps Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to be in the mid 30’s. Snow remains in the forecast all week with below normal temperatures, which aren’t expected to get past the low 40’s.

SVSD schools are closed Tuesday. Garbage pickups were cancelled Valley-wide. I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass – milepost 34 to 106 – remains closed. SR 18 over Tiger Mountain – Issaquah Hobart Road to I-90 – was also closed this morning.

I-90 at exit 34 near Truck Town where eastbound freeway closure starts. PC: WSP
PC: Snoqualmie PD

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