City of Snoqualmie reports 15 new coronavirus cases in July, 400% increase over June

According to King County Public Health, the City of Snoqualmie reported 15 new coronavirus cases in July, a 400% increase from the 3 new cases reported in June.

Although testing in Snoqualmie (city limits) increased 131% from June to July – up from 257 to 595 – the positive test rate increased from 1.1% in June to 2.5% in July, pointing to an increasing community spread trend according to health officials.

In North Bend (city limits), testing increased 98% from June to July (215 to 427), and new cases went from 4 in June to 5 in July. North Bend’s positive test rate decreased from 1.9% 1.2%.

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Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson commented on the uptick in new cases:

“Due to few cases in the Valley overall, it can feel like things are back to normal. However, these numbers emphasize the need for continued vigilance. Mask up, socially distance and avoid gatherings of more than 5 people. Our local businesses cannot afford to go backwards.”

At the height of the outbreak in March, Snoqualmie reported 16 coronavirus cases with an approximate 12% positive test rate. North Bend reported 3 cases in March with a 3.5% positive test rate.

[Note: Testing capacity was very limited at the start of the outbreak. It ramped up in mid June when King County entered phase 2 of reopening.]

There have been no new hospitalizations or deaths reported. Snoqualmie’s two hospitalizations happened in late March and early April. The only North Bend hospitalization and death was a resident of unincorporated King County in May.

72% of cases in Snoqualmie have been in people under 50 years old. In North Bend that number is 55%. Here is the age group breakdown of the 40 cases reported in Snoqualmie (city limits) and 18 cases in North Bend (city limits) since March:

  • 10-19: 4, Snoqualmie; 2, North Bend
  • 20-29: 9, Snoqualmie; 5, North Bend
  • 30-39: 6, Snoqualmie; 1, North Bend
  • 40-49: 10, Snoqualmie; 2, North Bend
  • 50-59: 8, Snoqualmie; 4, North Bend
  • 60-69: 3, Snoqualmie; 3, North Bend
  • 70-79: 0, Snoqualmie; 1, North Bend

Following recent King County trends, the 20-29 age group is impacted at a greater rate in both cities, as it represents less of the total population. Snoqualmie’s hispanic population has also been impacted at a much greater rate than other ethnicities, and in North Bend, the Asian population has been impacted at a much greater rate.

The numbers above reflect only the city limits of both cities. Approximately half of North Bend’s 16,000 residents and 12% of Snoqualmie’s 16,000 residents live in unincorporated King County areas. The King County coronavirus outbreak dashboard, though, only tracks demographics for cases inside city limits.

In total (city and unincorporated areas), Snoqualmie zip code 98065 has now reported 55 coronavirus cases since the outbreak began. 21 of those cases came in July. North Bend zip code 98045 has reported 36 cases, 7 of those cases happened in July.

The overall rate of positive COVID-19 cases in King County is currently 6.9 per 100,000 residents. In North Bend zip code 98045 that rate is 2.3 per 100,000 residents. In Snoqualmie zip code 98065, that number is 3.5 per 100,000 residents.

Health officials have pointed to social gatherings – like birthday parties, backyard barbecues and dinners out with friends – for the recent increase in cases.

In an effort to slow virus spread, the state recently reduced phase 3 gathering sizes from 50 to 10. Phase 2 – which King County is currently in – limits gatherings (indoor or outdoor) to 5 people from outside your household.

The state also has limited indoor restaurant dining to members of the same households and banned alcohol service after 10PM. A statewide No Mask. No Service order also began in July.

Snoqualmie Coronavirus Cases Demographics as of 7/31

North Bend Coronavirus Cases Demographics as of 7/31

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