City of North Bend Winter Weather Preparation: Snowplow and Street Treatment Info

With Winter officially here, the City would like to remind residents of snowplow routes, as well as the steps they can take to assist Public Works crews when winter weather strikes and City snowplows hit the streets.

To understand the order in which City streets are plowed, please see the 2021/2022 City of North Bend Snowplow Route Map, which details Priority 1, 2, and 3 routes and priority access point locations. The City added an additional snowplow to its fleet this year to improve efficiency in managing street treatment during snow events.

Please note, according to policy, the City does NOT use anti-icer/de-icer on streets out of caution for the Snoqualmie aquifer (located directly beneath many City roads), drinking water quality, and potential adverse impact to public health. The City’s sand does have salt mixed within it, though, which expedites snow/ice thaw. 

Tips to keep City streets accessible for snowplows to ensure roads are cleared for motorists: 

  • If possible, do not park your vehicle on the street or in your cul-de-sac. An empty street makes the passage of snowplows and sand spreaders much easier.  
  • Do not attempt to stop the plow truck operators. They follow specific routes and are under the direction of Public Works. If you find yourself behind a snowplow, slow down and give the plow a little extra room.
  • Walk on the left side of the road (facing traffic) where there are no sidewalks, or the sidewalks are impassable due to snow. Give the snowplows as much room as possible. Our drivers are courteous, but the equipment they are operating is large and complex.   
  • Never shovel snow from sidewalks and driveways into the streets. The snowplows always push the snow to the side of the road. If you shovel snow into the street, it will be pushed back onto your driveway. Pushing the snow from your driveway onto the road will add to the pack on the roads, making a hazardous situation.  
  • Pile snow shoveled from your driveway on the right side facing the street. This reduces the chance of having the plow pile the snow over your driveway entrance after you have shoveled it out. Our driver’s attempt to leave clear entrances to driveways whenever possible. This is not always possible following heavy snowfall.  
  • Please shovel any catch basins if they are in front of your home. Melting snow can drain into the storm system and this will reduce possible flooding and icing in the street as well as the chance of flooding on your property.  
  • Garbage cans and recycling should not be placed on the road. Keep them on the sidewalk and remove them as soon as possible following collection.

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