City Council Votes to Make North Bend Way More Accessible and Safer with a Complete Streets Plan

On February 6, 2024, the City Council of North Bend unanimously decided to move forward with the North Bend Way Complete Street Corridor Plan.

North Bend Way, a vital road in the community, serves as a link to neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and places where people come together. The plan aims to use a ‘Complete Streets’ approach to improve this street by enhancing how easy it is to get around, whether by foot, bike, car, or public transportation.

The project outlines improvements for a five-mile stretch of North Bend Way. Starting in July 2022, the city teamed up with Parametrix, a consulting firm, to develop the initial ideas for the project. The community had the chance to give their opinions on these ideas during two public workshops, June 13 and June 15, 2023, and through an online survey in June.

This project is not just about making it easier to get around; it’s also about keeping the small-town, rural feel of North Bend. The plan includes new signs, banners, places to sit, lights, and more to make the street more welcoming and safer.

It considers many different features to improve the street, like trails, sidewalks, places to rest, main entrances, crossings, and intersections. You can visit the city’s website to see the full North Bend Way Complete Street Corridor Plan or watch the council meeting here.

The idea behind “Complete Streets” is to ensure that roads are safe and easy for everyone, no matter how they travel. This approach is supported across the U.S. and Canada because it leads to safer, healthier, and more economically beneficial communities by focusing on the needs of all users, not just those driving cars.

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