Choosing to Co-exist with Wildlife

This Friday, May 3rd, at 7 PM, the Snoqualmie Tribe Ancestral Lands Movement invites you to the Meadowbrook Interpretive Center in North Bend for a special presentation on coexisting with our local wildlife.

Ezekiel Rohloff, the Tribe’s Wildlife Biologist, will share valuable strategies for peaceful coexistence with the wildlife in our region. He will discuss ways to ensure that the animals we encounter do not become too accustomed to human presence in their natural habitats.

Rohloff, who moved to the Valley in 2018 with his wife and three children, graduated from Colorado State University and joined the Tribe’s Environmental and Natural Resources team in 2022.

For more on Rohloff’s contributions to wildlife protection and the Tribe’s sovereign rights, read “North Bend Local Works with the Snoqualmie Tribe to Protect Wildlife and Support the Tribe’s Sovereign Rights.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of how to respectfully share the environment with the wildlife here long before us. Attend the informative event to learn from Rohloff’s expertise and dedication to wildlife conservation and gain insights to help you navigate life’s beautiful but delicate balance alongside our region’s native animals.

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