Celebrate Green Snoqualmie Day: Join in to Plant Over 400 Trees

The natural beauty of the Snoqualmie Valley beckons the community to come together on Green Snoqualmie Day, October 7th, from 9 a.m. to noon and help plant over 400 conifer trees at the Three Forks Natural Area. This event is a prime opportunity for citizens to contribute directly to preserving the lush landscapes that characterize the region.

Green Snoqualmie Day, celebrated annually, accentuates the importance of forest health and the valley’s scenic beauty. As the commencement of the planting season, this year’s event stands out with the collaboration between the City, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and the Snoqualmie Tribe. Together, they aim to reforest the periphery of a meadow near the Snoqualmie River and the Meadowbrook Slough.

Imagine planting a Douglas fir tree on October 7th, 2023, knowing the same tree will still be standing on October 7th, 2723. This underscores the long-lasting impact these planting activities have.

The restoration and replanting of this region hold significance not just for the flora but also for the local fauna. One notable benefit is the protection it provides to the salmon downstream. Such efforts over the years, facilitated by the Green Snoqualmie Partnership, have led to removing invasive weeds from several acres and the planting of numerous trees.

Interested participants should note the specifics: Arrivals are suggested at 8:45 a.m. to allow ample time to reach the site. Dress appropriately for the weather and expect to get a little dirty. Tools, gloves, snacks, and drinks are provided. To be eco-conscious, attendees are encouraged to bring refillable mugs or water bottles.

For directions, attendees should park at the Centennial Fields parking lot and follow the marked trail to the main event site at Three Forks Natural Area. Meeting Location Map

Participants are asked to please register in advance. Parking details and directions can be found on Google Maps.

This all-ages event is an excellent way for families to bond and the community to unite to steward their environment. Philip Bennett, the event’s contact person, can provide more information at pbennett@snoqualmiewa.gov.

Come out, leave a legacy, and be a part of preserving Snoqualmie’s natural wonder for generations to come.

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