Cascade View Honors Lily Gallacher's Inspirational Legacy With The Power of One Award

The power of one voice, and how that one voice impacts those who hear it, that is the legacy Lily Gallacher left to the Cascade View community.  Lily may have been one of the smallest students walking Cascade View’s halls, but her positive impact on a school filled with nearly 700 kids was giant-like.

Lily Gallacher was one of those kids; an old-soul; a connector; truly happy; wise beyond her years.  She loved everyone.  And she especially loved her school.  Having been home-schooled most of her young life due to medical issues, 3rd grade was her year – the year she finally went to school.

For 1½ years, Cascade View became a second home to Lily;  the staff acting as her away from home family.  It was a place she transcended her life-long medical issues for airway bone dysplasia.  Her positive spirit and  love of life touched many during her short time at Cascade View.  That said, students and staff were shocked and grief-stricken with Lily’s passing on January 18th at the age of 9.

Wanting to ensure Lily’s legacy and impact are never forgotten, Principal Ray Wilson, counselor Sandy Smelser and Lily’s two teachers, Lauriekay Henley and Elizabeth Cronin, created an award to honor one Cascade View 4th grader each year whom exemplifies how Lily lived; what her life stood for, which was using the Power of One voice to positively impact those around you.  Lily’s voice was a positive, shining spirit that will forever be honored by the school she loved so much.

The Power of One Award was inspired by the letters of Lily’s name so the children of the 4th grade can take these traits and pass them on, just like Lily did.

L:  Love of school and life exemplified by a positive work ethic, and the desire to help others achieve their personal best at all times.

I:  Inspiration to others by personifying perseverance and a positive attitude in the face of struggles or adversity.

L: Leadership as a positive role model, demonstrating respect and kindness towards one’s peers.

Y:  Youthful exuberance for life experienced through creativity and self-expression.

The new award was unveiled during Wednesday’s Recognition Ceremony.  The kids quieted as Principal Wilson described it and then sat anxiously as the recipient’s name was revealed, Dillen Fullagar.  Parents in the audience let out a “yes,”  approving of the choice.  Students cheered.  Dillen was happy.  He met with Lily’s mom after the ceremony, humbly making sure that she agreed with his selection for Lily’s first award.   He then went on to change the subject by cheerfully asking Alex Gallacher, “Not to be rude, but are you from England?”  Wanting to know if she ate crumpets.  It was a good day.  Congratulations Dillen!

I only met Lily twice, but it didn’t take much contact with her to understand that she was special.  Lily will always be loved, remembered and missed by those lucky enough to have known her.  Dedicated to Alex, Ron and Nancy.  Thank you for entrusting me to write about your angel.

The Lily Gallacher, Power of One Award recipient, Dillen Fullagar with Lily’s mom Alex and 4th grade teacher, Elizabeth Cronin

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