Carnation Scenes Make it into Macklemore’s New Video; Miller’s Carnation Captured Filming with Photos

Miller’s Carnation, of oh-my-gosh-Johnny-Depp-is-in-town fame, once again had some great pictures of yet another famous person who just happened to be in Carnation working.

Only this time, the shop’s owner didn’t have his pictures go viral in a millisecond thanks to social media – or have Good Morning America producers tracking him down.

In mid-August, rapper Macklemore was in Carnation filming scenes for his latest music video, White Walls.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis also made the local TV news last month when they filmed part of the new video atop iconic Dick’s Drive-in and invited hundreds of fans to the late night video shoot – to which thousands showed up.

The Carnation filming was kept slightly more under-wraps though, and according to the Miller’s Carnation Facebook page, the owners promised Macklemore they wouldn’t post their August photos of his video filming until after White Walls was released. Note to Johnny Depp – the key word is “after.”

That video premiered yesterday, September 9th, which means some more “famous person” photos debuted on the Miller’s Carnation Facebook page today. From famous actors to famous rappers, Carnation was in the spotlight again.

The popular, retro, artsy gift shop/mercantile, Miller’s Carnation, is located on Tolt Ave in downtown Carnation.  To see more photos of Macklemore’s White Walls video filming in Carnation visit Miller’s Carnation Facebook page.

A couple seconds of the Carnation filming made it into the White Walls video – just look for the red brick wall and the American flag.

August filming of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis new video, White Walls, in the parking lot of Miller's Carnation gift shop.  Photo: Miller's Facebook page
August filming of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis new video, White Walls, in the parking lot of Miller’s Carnation gift shop. Photo: Miller’s Facebook page


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