Car Sends Cyclist Head over Heels 15 Feet Down Snoqualmie Parkway

If you were driving on Snoqualmie Parkway around 5:30PM yesterday, April 17, 2013, and witnessed a large police and aid response Parkway:Fisher Aveto the Fisher Creek area, it was due to a car versus cyclist accident.

Snoqualmie Police Captain Nick Almquist confirmed that a 17-year old driver pulled out in front of a cyclist at Fisher Ave SE, which caused the cyclist to go head over heels 15 feet down Snoqualmie Parkway.  Fisher Ave is about half way down Snoqualmie Parkway toward SR 202, near the Fisher Creek and Ironwood neighborhoods.

The injured cyclist was transported by Medic One ambulance to Overlake Hospital.  Captain Almquist stated that no serious injury to the cyclist has been reported to Snoqualmie Police yet.

This is a very good reminder of the importance of helmets when biking, using scooters, skateboards, etc and for drivers to watch closely for cyclists, especially as better weather approaches and more people are outdoors.



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