Business Comings: Sweet Honey Esthetics Buzzes into North Bend

Sarah Green has lived in the Snoqualmie Valley her whole life. She grew up, went to school here, and now has a brand-new business.

After graduating from Mount Si High School in 2017, Sarah attended college at Oregon State University for about a year and a half. She loved OSU and her time in the marching band but decided to change course due to a serious case of homesickness.

Originally Green wanted to own a bakery. In middle school, she was passionate about the idea of selling cupcakes. She was a good baker, and cupcakes were a huge trend then, so she started making many of them. But as she got older and learned more about what it meant to own a bakery, she decided that while baking was a fun hobby, she didn’t want to grow to hate it.

Sarah Green Owner Sweet Honey Esthetics

Following a growing passion for makeup and ready for a change, Green enrolled in The Euro Institute of Skincare. During her schooling, she learned to wax, do chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and spa work, was Oncology certified and received micro needling certification. Green plans to obtain certification in dermaplaning and continue her education to stay knowledgeable on current trends and keep her skills updated.

Covid hit about three months before Green’s graduation, but she completed the state requirement of 750 hours of schooling for her esthetician training at home over zoom and graduated in June 2020.

After Washington state licensing was shut down for several months, Sarah was licensed in January 2021. Due to the pandemic, spas were shut down for several months and continued to have strict guidelines; Green did not immediately work because she didn’t have the necessary experience that many spas desired.

Knowing she wanted to own a business, Green jumped into that instead. Her own esthetician in Issaquah started a coaching program, so she took a 6-week business course to learn about running a business and made it official with licenses, an LLC, branding and a business name.

Her business name Sweet Honey Esthetics is inspired by her horse, Honey. Green always calls her ‘my sweet honey,’ so it clicked. The beloved horse, who turned 30 years old in June, has been with her since she was a kid. A significant part of her life and an inspiration for her logo, a pink splotch behind the letters is an homage to Honey’s spotted coat. 

Green initially thought Issaquah would be the spot for the business due to its larger size, great demand and higher income. However, after discussing the idea with her business coach and researching the availability of facials in the area, Sarah decided her hometown of North Bend would be a better fit for her new venture.

As her business entity was forming, she and her mom, a loan consultant and 30-year valley resident, started looking for locations to lease. The two talked about how it would be perfect to have a little house with a garage or spare room where Sarah could work.

Her business location, at 213 Main Ave North in North Bend, became available in June of 2021, and after touring it, Green decided to make an offer. After moving in, she quickly began renovations to make it a suitable live-work space.

Green and her fiancé Jay live in the house, and they renovated a bedroom to be the spa’s treatment room. The goal was to make it a welcoming, cozy environment for clients but still be able to showcase the couples’ styles and interests.

Renovations took about nine months to complete, along with a several months wait for spa equipment, all the while following state codes for a spa and being correctly licensed with the city of North Bend.

Sweet Honey Esthetics started seeing clients at the beginning of May. The Grand Opening/ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce will be held on September 21st at 4 pm. Other local business owners are invited to attend the ceremony. There will be refreshments, and Sarah may say a few words as one of the newest community business owners!

The spa’s services include facials, facial waxing, bikini and underarm waxing, eyelash lift and tints, eyebrow tints, microneedling, microdermabrasion, Nanoneedling, back facials, body scrubs, and a booty facial.

Sweet Honey also sells and uses skincare products by a company called Veologe (Vee-all-o-gee), formerly known as Vie by Shanti. Veologe is a skincare line made in Issaquah that Sarah has used for a few years. Says Green, “It’s skincare that I believe in, no gimmicks or false advertising.”

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit to view the whole menu and pricing, learn a little about Sarah, and find out where she is located. Says Sarah, “I encourage people to reach out via email if they have questions as well. I’m always happy to talk about what treatment I would suggest or go into more detail about a service.”

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch and up to date on this new North Bend business. Welcome to the neighborhood Sweet Honey Esthetics!

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