Business Comings: Snoqualmie Valley Eyecare Associates now Arbor Eyecare

Snoqualmie Valley and Sammamish EyeCARE Associates are announcing with great pleasure new growth and change.

They are extremely honored to have served thousands of people in our community by caring for their eye health and vision and are excited to announce that starting April 30th EyeCARE Associates will continue to serve the community with a new name: Arbor Eyecare. 

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Brian Duvall and his wife Latreash Duvall have led EyeCARE Associates. Dr. Duvall and Latreash are now looking toward the next phase of adventures together and transitioning towards retirement. Please join them in congratulating the couple on this new stage in their lives. 

Starting in January 2022, Dr. Duvall will enter semi-retirement and will continue to care for patients three days per week.

Although they have a new name, they are still the same —still locally owned and a proud employer in the community. Dr. Rebecca Dale, MD, who has served patients in the area since 2009, will lead the practice as they continue to grow and expand their services. The Arbor Eyecare management team is comprised of the same local doctors and employees that have been a part of EyeCARE Associates for years.   

The name change comes because of a new vision for their future. Arbor Eyecare is more than a name; it is a metaphor for a healthy and growing organization.  By focusing on the community’s eye care needs, they anticipate continued growth and expansion of the eyecare services offered. 

They believe that each person’s vision is precious and thank the community for trusting them with their eye health and vision care needs.   

This new phase was celebrated by planting seedlings on Arbor Day, April 30th, and starting on Arbor Day when you call; you’ll hear the team answering “Arbor Eyecare.” 

Arbor Eyecare is excited about this new phase and look forward to partnering with you in growing and serving the community. 

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