Business Comings: Pearl & Stone Wine Co. Moves to a New Location

The Pearl and Stone Wine Co. was started as a partnership of 3 families, all of whom have deep roots in the valley. The Ribary family (Paul & Erika), The Wesorick family (Rob & Laurie) and the Stone family (Chris & Wendy).

All of the partners are represented in the name – Pearl stands for Paul, Erika And Rob, Laurie & Stone, obviously, represents Chris & Wendy.  The winery was started in 2013 out of one of the partner’s garages, they started selling the wine in 2015, but after a few years of steady growth, they had completely outgrown the ‘Garagiste’ model.

At that point, they moved production to a warehouse just east of town. While great for winemaking, that space wasn’t so great for hosting guests, so when an opportunity was presented in 2019, they jumped at the chance to move into their current tasting room located next to Birches Habitat.

This was a great step forward for the visibility and accessibility of the brand, but they always knew it would be a stepping stone towards their longer-term vision due to its small size and other limitations. The current space has served them well, and they say it’s been an absolute pleasure to partner with Nancy and Birches.

The new location offers a significant increase in space, including a covered outdoor patio with great views of Mt Si and a private meeting & event space! Says co-owner Chris Stone, “Our hope is this new location will be a welcoming community gathering spot.”

It sounds like they’ll have plenty of space to accomplish that goal. Their current location is just 200 square feet but the new location totals over 1800 sq ft inside, split into two rooms (including a private meeting space that will be phase 2), and a covered outdoor patio space that is more than 400 sq ft.

They will offer several different seating options, including the chance to do a wine tasting in one of North Bend’s original jail cells! Yes, the space was once City Hall and Police station, and the tasting room will feature two jail cells as private tasting areas!

Not to fear, they’ll be cozy jail cells. Pearl and Stone have renovated the inside to create a comfortable and inviting space to meet with friends and enjoy their wines. They have also completely converted the outdoor space into a fabulous patio area.

Pearl and Stone Wine Co. will be open in their new location (211 Main Ave N.) on Friday, September 10th. The hours in the new location will be; Fridays from 2 to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 6 pm. Be sure to stop by and see the ribbon-cutting with the mayor on Friday at 5 pm.

Good Luck in your new location!

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