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In 2021, you can have virtually anything delivered to your doorstep. The price of this convenience is, unfortunately, a lot of waste. Most families love to shop online and sometimes feel like their recycling bin fills up almost as soon as it empties.

Savvy entrepreneur and eco-artist Aline Bloch has a unique solution to help her neighbors reduce their plastic waste and live a lower waste lifestyle. Aline recently launched the first mobile eco-refill service in the Seattle area.

Bloch has been participating in Friday Market in Fall City this past summer and realized the need this part of the county has for low waste living store solutions. People have shown interest in her services this summer, so she decided to offer this convenience to Snoqualmie Valley.

She is looking to collaborate with other local small businesses in Snoqualmie Valley. Monthly pop-ups are great to help people create new green habits regularly. She believes in supporting each other and that sharing her services with her customers can make a difference.

Out of the Box Eco-store was born from the desire to live sustainably and positively impact the Earth by supporting responsible consumption and reducing waste in people’s daily lives. The company’s goal is to provide an opportunity for people to learn, engage and contribute to more sustainable living by offering refillable and eco-solutions that are simple, convenient, and accessible to all.

Schedule a house call with Aline and her mobile refill van (affectionately nicknamed Phil), gather some clean jars and plan to add to your collection with containers from the store. Be prepared to check out the customized van and see all the fun eco-friendly products on display inside. If you love the idea of refilling items like shampoo or dish soap and cringe each time you toss out another bottle, this service is just what you need.

Aline patiently explains what types of products are available and how much you may need. Refillable products are priced per ounce, so you only pay for what you need.  Swap out some of your “old faithful” brand name products after getting reassurance that the products were from unique green brands and tested and approved by Aline’s own family of five.

Try some home care products like hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and counter spray. With some kids in hybrid school, couples working from home, and pandemic puppies, families are going through many cleaning supplies!

People love the products they try from Aline and her eco-store and say they are excited to schedule more visits. It feels good to rinse out the glass bottles and know you are saving at least a few plastic bottles by refilling containers you already have.

If you would like to be part of the “refill revolution,” you can schedule a house call with Out of the Box Eco-store on their website. Contactless deliveries are available, as well as pop-up events if you want to include your neighbors and friends.

Visit Out of the Box Ecostore to learn more about adopting a low waste lifestyle or schedule your visit.

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