Business Comings: Local Resident Brings Primary Care Wellness Clinic ROW Health to Snoqualmie

Doctor Stephenie Tornberg, a dual board-certified full-spectrum family medicine and obesity medicine physician and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, has started a direct primary care wellness clinic called ROW Health. 

Tornberg and her husband are Issaquah High School graduates who have been Snoqualmie residents since 2012. The pair are raising their two daughters here and have a small farm with cows, goats, chickens, barn cats, honeybees, and two dogs. 

The first and only premier, physician-owned, concierge-level primary care medical practice in Snoqualmie, WA. ROW understands that to restore Health, they need to get to the root of the problem, hence R-O-W, i.e., Root Of Wellness.

Dr. Tornberg is determined to enhance the primary care experience with care designed for each person with a holistic, integrative, and comprehensive approach.

To accomplish this, Dr. Tornberg believes that the direct primary care (DPC) model is the best way to deliver the care patients deserve and fulfill their mission: “To provide a rejuvenating direct primary care experience focused on restoring health + exceptional care to optimize the well-being of each Member we serve so they can enjoy their full potential.” 

ROW Health accepts a flat monthly fee in exchange for primary care services that focus on prevention and overall well-being without the barriers to care. It is an innovative, affordable option that improves access to medical care for everyone regardless of insurance status while cutting down on emergency room use for primary and same-day care purposes, thereby freeing up emergency room facilities to treat true emergencies.  

The direct care model allows better access to the physician with extended visit times, empowering an authentic therapeutic relationship, thereby providing more comprehensive patient care and superior health outcomes.

Members of ROW Health enjoy:

  1. Exceptional and comprehensive medical care in a relaxed environment
  2.  Simple, affordable pricing with complete price transparency without co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, or surprise billing. This includes all office, virtual visits, and communication!
  3. Easy and direct access to the doctor via secure phone/text/email/video/in-person communication, including after-hours care for urgent needs
  4. Incomparable appointment and follow-up availability and respect to your time scheduled (i.e., minimal to no waiting), including same or next-day visits.
  5. Extended visit times (each visit is scheduled for 60 minutes)
  6. Included cost of most procedures and urgent care needs, and prescription management
  7. Coordination of care with specialists and facilities.
  8. Discounted cash pricing on labs, imaging, and medications
  9. Restoring trust & open communication with your doctor
  10. Your doctor has more time for personalized attention and enhanced service for you and your needs

ROW Health is dedicated to making the communities health primary by using modern medicine with old-fashioned care.

Dr. Tornberg invites you to the ROW Health clinic in Snoqualmie Ridge to learn more about the practice and offerings! Visit the website: for more information and to schedule a Meet and Greet!

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