Business Comings: Local family with extensive restaurant experience rebrands, opens Mezzaluna Kitchen on Snoqualmie Ridge

There’s a new kid on the block: Mezzaluna Kitchen.

Previously branded as Lorenzo’s, Mezzaluna Kitchen, officially opened its doors on July 31st, 2020. Located just off Snoqualmie Ridge’s Center Street, it’s is a great place for a romantic dinner, wine and appetizers with friends, and a family fun meal with options for the entire clan.

Whether you’re looking for pizza, sandwiches, meatball subs, burgers, bruschetta, or salads, Mezzaluna Kitchen has all the bases covered. As if the extensive menu didn’t already give you enough choices, Mezzaluna will continue to add more items over time, so there will always be something fresh and exciting to try at this new local spot.

Jeff and Kris Hoydal

The family-owned restaurant is managed by well-seasoned hands. According to Alexis Hoydal – daughter of owners Kris and Jeff -the Hoydal family, which moved to the Ridge in 2003, has a generational history in the business. 

Alexis Hoydal says, “My Grandfather… is a Master Chef who has owned and operated numerous restaurants over the last 50 + years. Kris grew up submerged into the industry… [and] Dad, Jeff, [quickly acclimated] to the wonders of owning a restaurant.”

Even with decades of restaurant experience, nothing could have prepared the Hoydal family for the trials of opening during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Alexis adds, “Opening and owning a restaurant is a beast in itself. Labor of love as our family likes to say. Opening and owning a restaurant amidst a global pandemic? There are few words to accurately describe what this rollercoaster of an adventure has brought us.”

The Hoydal family credits the community for helping them through the heightened unknown. “[We] are grateful to live and now become business owners in such an incredible community. A community that rallies around one another. A community that wants to see their small local businesses succeed,” says Alexis.

Though opening during COVID times is an unforeseen and tremendous curveball for anyone, Mezzaluna Kitchen has handled it with grace and with the flexibility needed to survive the pandemic. 

In regards to how they’ve addressed COVID-19 precautions, Alexis reassures that safety is their top priority. “We want our customers to feel safe, we want them to know that we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, staff, and community,” she said.

Though the finished transition from Lorenzo’s to Mezzaluna isn’t fully complete, particularly in aesthetics and in other small ways, the final version is expected soon.

“What changes can the community expect to see? We are anxiously looking forward to revamping the inside dining area. New items to come on the menu. Set specials for certain nights of the week, so the community can better anticipate what specials are offered,” says Alexis. 

So far, the community’s response to Mezzaluna Kitchen has been positive. Kim Parker, who dined at the establishment three times since it’s opening, says, “My experience has been fantastic every time.”

When asked about Mezzaluna Kitchen’s COVID precautions, Parker asserts “I felt very safe…. They have taken extra precautions.”

“I have lived in Snoqualmie Ridge since 2003 and seen many businesses come and go…I hope ‘The Mezz’ stays here for a very long time,” said Parker.

Even if the feedback isn’t always as glowing as it has been so far, Alexis said the encourage any and all constructive criticism.

The Hoydal family said they hope that when customers leave Mezzaluna Kitchen they feel as though they have enjoyed themselves and a delicious meal. “We hope they feel a part of our Mezza-Family.”

To learn more about Mezzaluna Kitchen and keep updated, follow their Facebook page or visit their website.

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