Business Comings | Bye-bye Bacteria and Stink: North Bend best friends launch Tidy’s Beautiful Bins

There’s a new business in town. This time it’s not a restaurant, a new dentist or exercise studio.  It’s call Tidy’s Beautiful Bins.

What, you ask, is Tidy’s Beautiful Bins?

It’s a company started by a North Bend resident – Eric Trick – and his childhood best friend, Richard Denenny. Eric even recently quit his other job to focus on Tidy’s full-time.

So… have you ever opened your recycle, garbage or yard waste container – especially in the warmer months – and felt a bit nauseous from the odor? This is the problem Eric says Tidy’s Beautiful Bins says can solve and they’ve decided to set up shop in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Eric said they fell in love with the business idea and saw an opportunity to build a great company in their own community, a business he hopes that can also make the community a better place.

The guys say they picked Fall City/North Bend/Snoqualmie as their first service areas because 1) it’s where they live; 2) because the cities are filled with residents who care about their homes and communities and who also understand the need to discourage rodents and wildlife from getting into waste bins.

Eric explained the Tidy process, saying it is pretty simple. They’ll do the dirty job homeowners don’t want to do – and even if homeowners do attempt the cleaning themselves, the bacteria issue still may not be eliminated.

Eric said homeowners who clean their large waste bins themselves also are forced trying to find an environmentally and neighbor-friendly way of disposing of the waste water and debris from the bins.  He said in the end, most homeowners are kind of stuck with bacteria-infected and stinky garbage cans.

Enter the new business – Tidy’s Beautiful Bins.

How it Works: 

Professional trash can cleaning service starts shortly after your weekly trash has been collected. They begin the process with a thorough, external cleaning using high volume pressure washers. Then the bins lifted onto a ultra-high-pressure washing system using 195-degree water to clean and disinfect the bins. Then they wipe down the exterior of the bin and spray the inside with a deodorizer.

The service costs $10/bin. The first Tidy’s truck was completed in this month, which allows Tidy to come to your home.

Good Luck guys! To find out more about TidyBins visit Tidy’


Tidy’s first truck which launched in the Snoqualmie Valley in March 2018



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