Boy Scouts BIG Christmas Tree Pickup happens this Weekend

It’s one of the biggest fundraisers local Snoqualmie Valley boy scout troop do each year – and one that’s also been popular with residents over the years….

If you see trucks in the area filled to the brim with old Christmas Trees, it’s because Boy Scouts (and their friendly parental drivers) will be canvassing Fall City, North Bend and Snoqualmie neighborhoods this Saturday, January 7, 2017 collecting Christmas Trees to recycle.

If you’d like your tree collected, it’s simple to do. Just have it out on the driveway or sidewalk area in front of your home by 8AM on Saturday – with ALL decorations removed – along with a suggested donation of $10 in an envelope attached to the base of the tree.

Envelopes were left on front porches a couple of weeks ago, but any envelope is still fine. Please don’t leave cash and make [personal only] checks payable to BSA Troop 115.

Trees will be collected from 9AM – 4PM on January 7th. Due to resources this is the only day the Boy Scout Christmas Tree pick up will happen. [See below flier for more details.]

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