Booms Being Heard Around the Valley; Fireworks Can Come with a $124 – $5,000 Fine

Have you been hearing the booms/explosions this past week? A check of the calendar might shed some light on what’s happening.

This past week, on the approach to the 4th of July holiday, multiple Snoqualmie Valley residents have reported hearing loud boom-type explosions.

On June 23rd, Snoqualmie Police responded to the 600 block of NE 8th Street in North Bend for a report of multiple adults lighting of fireworks.  Police advised those discharging fireworks to not light the devices until July 4th.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, Snoqualmie Police received a call from a resident in the 7000 block of Curtis Drive SE reporting a loud explosion, possibly from a fireworks device, coming from the trees at the peak of Snoqualmie Community Park on SE Ridge Street.

Then around 12:30AM, Friday, June 28, 2014, residents in Snoqualmie’s Deer Park neighborhood reported also seeing a flash accompany the latest loud boom/explosion.

Extra 4th of July Police Patrols, Active Enforcement of Fireworks Laws

Fireworks are an Independence Day tradition, but each year they also cause injuries and fires, especially in the hands of children and teenagers.

In response, Snoqualmie Police will have extra patrols and  local fire departments will be on high alert for potential emergencies. Police and fire departments are asking residents to take the utmost safety measures this 4th of July.

Important Local Fireworks Laws to Know

The cities of Snoqualmie and North Bend will be actively enforcing fireworks laws this July 4th to ensure a safer holiday for all citizens in the upper Snoqualmie Valley. Here are a few important laws to note:

  • Fireworks may be discharged on July 4th ONLY from 9AM to Midnight. (Fine: $124)
  • NO fireworks may be possessed or discharged in ANY public park. (Fine: $124)
  • By state law, fireworks sales are limited to people age 16 and older
  • Use of illegal explosive devices (M-80’s and larger) can bring a felony charge with a fine of $5,000 and/or one year in prison

And remember, if you’re having a neighborhood party in Snoqualmie, streets and alleys cannot be blocked off to traffic without a special event permit from the city.

A legal Fireworks stand in the Snoqualmie Ridge retail center parking lot.

Fireworks Purchased on Tribal Lands Become Illegal Once off Tribal Reservation

If you purchase fireworks for the holiday, ensure you are getting legal fireworks by purchasing them from state-licensed stands.

Fire crackers, bottle rockets, missiles and rockets are legal for sale on tribal lands, but become ILLEGAL when taken off the tribal reservation.  Explosive devices like M-80’s and larger can produce a felony charge, with a possible $5,000 fine and/or a year in jail.

A list of illegal devices is posted on the City of Snoqualmie website at

Safety Measures to Avoid Injury and Property Damage

  • Only adults should light fireworks or handle sparklers
  • Teach children to “stop, drop, and roll”
  • Consider pet safety and security
  • Keep a bucket of water and fire extinguisher nearby to put out stray sparks

There are many more safety tips posted on the State Fire Marshal website. Parents are advised to review these tips with their children and teenagers.

Nearby Public Fireworks Displays

This year, the closest fireworks displays are at the Great Carnation 4th of July Celebration at Tolt-McDonald Park (always a good one) and the Bellevue Family 4th at Bellevue Downtown Park.

A full list of fireworks displays in King County is available on the Office of the State Fire Marshal website.

Don’t Forget Pets!

Fireworks are a very common phobia for dogs and cats and many animals are lost this time of year. In fact, July 4th marks the #1 day for lost pets in this country. To learn more tips to protect your pets this holiday read this article on the topic from a local pet trainer.

As always, the City of Snoqualmie advises residents 911 to request emergency police, fire, or medical assistance or to report illegal activities.

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