Baby steps cooler as we slowly transition back to normal this week

[Article by Ryan Porter of Snoqualmie Weather ]


Depending on where measured, I think we have at least tied the record for Aug 16th of 94° set in both 1967 and 1977 from what used to be an official weather node at Snoqualmie Falls (records dating back to 1945)

Today was hot (at least by Washingtonian standards), but this deep into summer, can anyone explain to me the hundreds of cars lined up from Fall City to Snoqualmie Falls this afternoon and the droves of people spilling out onto Hwy 202? Floating the river is fun, but c’mon it is madness. Not the only beautiful day of summer.

The 90°’s heat is still expected to be short-lived, limited to just today. The central WA coast (Ocean Shores) was lovely, just barely reaching 80° today.

Something to be on the lookout for Sunday evening, a weak shortwave trough is moving through that has a slight chance of setting off a few thunderstorms over the Cascades tonight. 

The Week Ahead:

This week features gradual cooling. Monday will likely remain very warm (mid-upper 80’s) as the stronger onshore flow will probably be stubborn to reach the Cascade foothills.

We should see temps cool a couple more degrees each on both Tuesday and Wednesday (mid 80° cooling to low 80°’s) as further onshore flow trickles in.

Thursday should bring a more abrupt change as a weak front will bring a slight chance of showers that may extend into Friday. High’s getting back down into the mid-70°s.

Saturday and Sunday of next weekend look ok at this point with near-normal temperatures. The normal high for the weekend of 8/22 is 74°.

Have a great week!

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