Award-Winning Nature Adventure Camp Launches at Meadowbrook Farm this Summer

Fresh off its fourth year of being named by ParentMap as having the Best Nature Camp, Wilderness Awareness School is bringingWAS its popular day camp to Snoqualmie for the summer of 2015.

Wilderness Awareness School (WAS) is a national not-for-profit environmental education organization established in 1983, based right in Duvall. They are dedicated to helping local kids foster an understanding and appreciation of nature, community and self…. and their camps are expanding to the upper Snoqualmie Valley.

Wilderness Awareness School is bringing a Nature Adventure Day Camp (for kids 6 – 12 years old) to Meadowbrook Farm from July 13th-17th, from 9AM – 3PM, and there are still spots available

What do you remember about nature from your childhood? Making forts, climbing trees? All while getting muddy and wet and in all kinds of weather?

According to Wilderness Awareness School, these are the kinds of adventures they bring to kids today, “along with instructors who know a lot about nature and use great skill in reconnecting kids with the wonder of the world around them.”

WAS does this through stories, hands-on skills like fire-making, responsible introduction of wild edible plants and their poisonous look-a-likes, as well as things most adults don’t even know – like the arts of wildlife tracking and bird language interpretation.

Amy Atchinson, Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowners Association Director, said her three kids spent many summers at WAS camps and described them as “high quality, very unique camps that provide children with a wonderful alternative to classic camps.” She hopes to see them have a successful launch in the Snoqualmie Valley.

You can learn more about Wilderness Awareness School and their upcoming Nature Adventure Day Camp at Meadowbrook Farm at

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