Another Winter Weather Advisory issued: snow, followed by a week of Cold temps

The on and off light snow showers Saturday afternoon could be a precursor for heavier showers that might blanket the Snoqualmie Valley overnight, along with colder temperatures expected to grip the Puget Sound region for the upcoming week.

New Year’s Eve afternoon the National Weather Service expanded a Winter Weather Advisory to include the East Puget Sound lowlands saying that “the [weather] models were in agreement that this area will likely receive up to three inches of snow by later Sunday morning.”

The advisory also states locally, higher amounts are also possible. Now, that does NOT mean the Snoqualmie Valley will get that much snow, just that it’s likely – AND the advisory doesn’t begin until 10PM, December 31st and runs through 4AM on New Year’s Day.  So, if you’re out driving on New Year’s Eve, you may want to be aware of this snow possibility.

Some arctic air is expected to follow the predicted overnight moisture that’s moving in from the north – and keep things cold, dry and mostly sunny for the next week, with highs struggling to get above the freezing mark. Toward the end of the week, the area may have another brush with snow, but forecasters say that’s too far away to begin discussing yet.

The coldest overnight temperatures are expected on Monday and Tuesday, when the Snoqualmie Valley should dip down into the upper teens.

So Happy New Year, Snoqualmie. Be ready for  a little snow. Be careful if you’re out late and the weather forecast plays out as predicted. And if it does snow, it doesn’t look like it will turn to rain and quickly melt away… so you could wake to a 2017 Winter Wonderland.

Happy dreaming snow fans!


Snow in Wilderness Rim area, 1/4/16. Photo: Kathy Hyland, Facebook.





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