Another Winter Weather Advisory issued: 6 inches snow possible in Snoqualmie Valley

Brrr. It’s cold. So…rinse and repeat.

The National Weather Service has issued another Winter Weather Advisory for the Snoqualmie Valley (i.e. East Puget Sound foothills), with the potential for a decent about of snow starting later Friday afternoon, February 23rd through early Saturday morning.

NWS said an incoming weather system could drop 2-6 inches of snow on the Valley from 4PM today until 4AM Saturday. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s a slam dunk, but it does look like the odds are better to get some snow with this weather system compared to the one earlier in the week.

A heads up for drivers: snow is expected to happen during the evening commute, but the Seattle/Bellevue area is expected to be snow/rain shadowed by the Olympic Mountains and what snow falls is also forecast to turn to rain in those lower elevations Friday night… but not in the East Puget Sound foothills where our higher elevation may keep the snow going longer.

In fact, if you look at most weather websites, snow is in the forecast for Snoqualmie and North Bend all weekend long, even with temperatures moderating from the 20’s and low 30’s to the mid 30’s.

Temperatures are expected to stay below normal through much of next week. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend everyone!





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