Annual Reminder – Burning Moratorium for Areas of Eastside Fire & Rescue June 15th Through September 30th

The communities within Eastside Fire & Rescue (EF&R) are beautiful locations, offering some of the finest living on the west coast. Our neighborhoods cover relatively mountainous terrain, urban in nature, with fences and yards. Many neighborhoods are built in the wooded hills and grasslands that surround our towns. Homes in areas surrounded by vegetation are very popular. These neighborhoods create what we term as the Wildland Urban Interface.

Unseasonably warm weather is already upon us. This authorized seasonal burning moratorium is a precautionary measure to reduce fire danger.

Eastside Fire & Rescue (EF&R) begins the annual burning moratorium on June 15. Anyone living within the boundaries of EF&R needs to be aware of these guidelines:

Cooking & Recreational Fires – Burn Permit Required (No fee)

  • Not subject to the seasonal burn ban moratorium
  • Cooking and recreational fires – burning wood (shall use only dry seasoned wood)
  • Propane, natural gas, charcoal, and pellet fires do not require a burn permit
  • Cooking and recreational fires shall not be larger than 3’ in diameter and 2’ in height
  • A recreational fire is the same as a cooking fire, but without the food
  • Fires (with or without food) shall be contained in a barbecue pit, fire ring or other approved appliances, such as manufactured portable fireplace units
  • Any fire using wood is subject to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency burn ban and fire safety burn ban

Land Clear Burning

  • Land clear burning has been permanently banned within King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties

Residential Yard Waste Burning – Burn Permit Required (No fee)

  • Subject to EF&R burn ban moratorium, June 15th through September 30th each year
  • DNR or Forest Service property (EF&R does not issue permits in these areas)
  • Subject to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency burn ban

Facts about the seasonal burning moratorium:

  • Outdoor cooking or recreational burning (campfires) require a no-fee burn permit that can be obtained online at:
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency may impose a countywide burn ban for air-quality conditions.
  • King County Fire Marshal’s Office or Eastside Fire Marshal’s Office may impose a fire safety burn ban due to extreme fire danger.
  • Brush fires significantly increase during the summer months and can grow quickly.
  • You can help protect your home against wildfires by building a defensible space around your home: or

For air quality burn ban information contact Puget Sound Clean Air Agency at: (800) 595-4341 or

For questions on Eastside Fire & Rescue’s annual moratorium please call (425) 313-3200. Burn permits can be found and downloaded from our website at:

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