Amazing! Snoqualmie Falls from Unparalleled Vantage Point – Drone Fly Over

Those who live in the Snoqualmie Valley have probably seen ‘The Falls’ from almost every vantage point available and during most weather events Mother Nature throws at one of the top tourist attractions in Washington  – either in photos or in person.

On a cold December weekend in 2013, though, the Falls were filmed through the eyes of a small drone, allowing for a vantage point no photographers shooting from the Snoqualmie Falls Park viewing platforms, trail at the base below or local news helicopter flying overhead can capture.

[Note: since first publishing this article, the use of drones at Snoqualmie Falls Park has been prohibited. It is no longer allowed]

That weekend, Raul Alvarez, filmed icy Snoqualmie Falls with a “quad-copter” drone he flew out over the 268 foot waterfall. The small drone is a remote-controlled helicopter with four rotors and a camera below that sends live video back to the pilot. Raul’s friend, Doug Marcoux, who sent in the video link commented that the drone is “really just a toy for adults.”

What Raul filmed with that “toy” is pretty amazing; capturing angles of Snoqualmie Falls many (including longtime locals) may not have seen before, as well as some great video of the iconic Salish Lodge.

The Falls, in their icy, frozen condition combined with Mt. Si, the shining sun and trees reflecting in the Snoqualmie River just as it feeds and spills over… well, it’s pretty spectacular.

Enjoy the beauty of our wondrous Snoqualmie Falls through the eyes of a small drone quad-copter.



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