After Resident Dismay over New Townhomes, Snoqualmie Now Using Signage Announcing Future Developments

This February, when it was official and public that a new, 100-unit market rate rental townhome complex was going in at the corner of SE Swenson Drive and Snoqualmie Parkway on Snoqualmie Ridge, some residents felt blindsided.

The only land parcel designation sign that had stood stated the land would be home to retail development, as outlined in the Snoqualmie Ridge Division II Final Mixed Use Plan. But things changed, and in June 2011, when no retailers were interested in the land parcel (S-11), a minor modification was made to that plan to allow for multi-family residential housing.

According to a City of Snoqualmie spokesperson, some residents were dismayed to hear about the new apartments, The Woodlands, without earlier notification. In response, the city will now be posting Proposed Land Action Use notification signs when the early development stages begin on remaining land parcels in Snoqualmie Ridge Division II.

The first of those signs was put up this week on the west side of  Snoqualmie Parkway, about half way between SE Swenson Drive and SE Jacobia Street.

New land use notification sign posted on Snoqualmie Parkway in late June.
New land use notification sign posted on Snoqualmie Parkway in late June.

According to Snoqualmie City Council June 10th meeting minutes, in May preliminary plat plans to construct “89 multi-family, attached residential homes” was submitted to the city’s planning department for review. It has not yet been disclosed yet who is developing the plat located in land parcel S-13, or if the proposed multi-family housing is for sale or rental.

For more information about City of Snoqualmie Planning visit the Planning Projects web page.


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