After Fast-Paced Remodel and Expansion, Ana's Mexican Restaurant Reopening 1,000 Feet Bigger!

Well, the remodel took a few days longer than owner Anna Sotelo wanted, but if all goes as planned, Ana’s Mexican Restaurant will open its doors again tomorrow, December 14th, to patrons.  Anna said they needed the extra time if they were going to open back up “right,” adding “We don’t do anything half-*ssed, and you can quote me on that.”  The restaurant and new bar is scheduled to open at 12PM. .

The busy Snoqualmie restaurant has been closed since November 26th so contractors, in record time, could move walls and the current bar, transforming its space into a private dining room that will feature “high chair-free, screech-free” dining (code for no children under about 5) and also double as a space for large group parties.

The main dining room and entryway were tweaked some, but the average patron might not notice those subtle changes.  They most likely will notice the new doorway, near the back of the main dining area, leading to Ana’s new bar.

About two years ago, Ann began talking to the current landlord about taking over the space next door (formerly a dance studio and then an arcade) to expand her restaurant.  So the addition of nearly 1,000 square feet in the form of a new bar area has been a work in progress – and something not taken lightly by Ana’s ownership.

The finished product should appeal to the masses.  Anna tells me she didn’t quite know what the design of the new bar would be (to the frustration of her contractor) so she began with light fixtures and it all grew from there.

Yes, it all started with light fixtures, which have a family connection for Anna. Years ago, her grandfather owned a fixture company.  In 1980 he sold that company to a young man who began working for him at the age of 14.  Three decades later, that owner still lets Anna purchase light fixtures at his wholesale cost.

The hand-blown light fixtures hanging above the new bar then inspired the wall color, a warm red, painted over an artisan-feel plastered wall.  The whole space has an authentic, artisan, Mexican feel to it; especially the iron work surrounding the huge, mirrored back splash of the bar itself, which was handmade by a local iron worker.  The new bar stools, chairs and tables (in a dark, warm wood) were also handmade by an Argentinian craftsman.  The bar top is a dark, matte-finished granite with rough edges, almost giving it a slate feel.

There’s plenty of large TV’s to keep sport enthusiasts happy as well – big ones and little ones.  Nothing’s been overlooked, and if all goes as planned, the doors to Ana’s Mexican Restaurant should reopen today, making many customers and fans of Ana’s food (and house margaritas) very happy.

Good Luck Anna – and thanks for the tour.  “Love what you’ve done with the place!”



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