A Local Dream Realized: Moonfall Ink Opens in North Bend

In North Bend, a new business has sprung up, promising to leave a lasting impression on its clients, literally and figuratively.

Moonfall Ink, a fine-line tattoo studio, opened its doors in June 2023, and it’s quickly becoming a cherished part of the local community. Behind this creative venture is Jordan Hanaford, a dynamic individual with a story as compelling as the art she creates.

Jordan, who grew up in Redmond, has woven her life experiences, professional background, and personal passions into the fabric of her business. Growing up with summers spent on her dad’s farm and eventually pursuing journalism at the University of Oregon, she found her way back to the Seattle area post-graduation. Her career took her from social media management for a spa to a stint in tech with Amazon, but the pandemic’s onset shifted her path significantly.

Owner Jordan Hanaford

“I decided to get out of tech early in the pandemic,” Jordan shares, reflecting on the decision that led her to embrace a more fulfilling, creative pursuit while raising her daughters, Harper and Remi, with husband Kevin in the scenic tranquility of North Bend.

Her journey to tattooing began with a spark of inspiration from her own tattoo artist, Britt Steel of Valley Roots Studio in Snohomish, who offered fine-line tattoo training opportunities. Despite initial hesitations, the leap of faith to pursue tattooing has proven to be a rewarding venture.

“After taking her course, I got my artist license and started doing small pieces for friends and friends of friends out of my home studio,” she recounts. The community’s response was overwhelmingly positive, prompting the transition to a professional studio space.

Choosing North Bend as the location for Moonfall Ink was no accident. Its beautiful landscape and tight-knit business community offered the perfect backdrop for a studio that prides itself on unique artistry and personal connection.

“North Bend is beautiful, and the business community is so incredible – I wanted to plant roots where I live and provide a service in an area that doesn’t have much in the way of tattoo shops, particularly my style of art,” Jordan explains.

Since its opening, Moonfall Ink has flourished, with Jordan juggling her roles as a mother, wife, artist, and business owner. The challenge of balancing these aspects of her life is significant, but her family and community support have been instrumental in her success. “I’m very thankful for my amazing support system,” she says gratefully.

Moonfall Ink is poised for an exciting future, with plans for new projects and continued growth. Followers can stay updated on these developments through her social media channels, particularly Instagram, where she regularly shares her work and announcements.

In fact, I found Jordan on Instagram and got a lovely tattoo of a Hummingbird on my forearm in November. Her studio is warm and comfortable with plants and soft colors, a relaxing place to be tattooed.

For those interested in experiencing the artistry of Moonfall Ink firsthand, you can find Jordan on Instagram at @moonfallink, via email at moonfallink@gmail.com, or through their website, moonfallink.com. You can check out more of her designs on the gallery page.

With a commitment to creating meaningful art and fostering community connections, Moonfall Ink is not just a tattoo studio—it’s a testament to following one’s passion and the beauty of making a mark, both on the skin and in hearts.

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