UPDATED: A Blustery Start to 2022 in the Snoqualmie Valley

Update: The National Weather Service canceled the Wind Advisory at about 3 AM


Well, I really didn’t think I’d be writing a weather story on the 1st day of the year, but here I am.

Let’s kick off the 1st day of the year with a Wind Advisory in effect from 10 PM tonight to 4 AM Monday. The length of this wind event is not too common but can happen.

Sustained winds from 30 to 40mph with gusts possible to 55mph. The snow will be falling from the trees, so be careful of that. Power outages are very likely from this event, so be prepared. This event is also quite widespread throughout Western Washington, So any major power outages that happen could take a little while to get restored.

Here’s a map from the NWS showing the gusts through Western Wa.

Here’s another chart showing North Bend at about 50mph at 4 PM Sunday. The White flag Is North Bend.

This last chart shows all of the models together. I circled the main event in red. As you can see, most of the models agree on wind speeds.

This isn’t how we all wanted to start the New Year, but this is wintertime, and anything can happen. Stay safe and warm.

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